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I’m David Berens, the first writer for and founder of Berens Books. I write exciting, action adventure and thriller novels with a healthy dose of fun and plenty of exotic locations. As such, I’ve been designing covers for my own work for several years and have branched out to do work for others. I bootstrapped everything in the beginning and had literally no cash to spend on professional covers, so I want this to be reasonably affordable for my fellow Indie Authors. I hope you’ll try my service. I will work hard to make sure you’ll want to tell others about it after it’s complete.

Dave has created half-a-dozen covers for some of my biggest selling books. That he understands cover design and is a craftsman is without question. What’s more important is that he works with me on each cover, always happy to make changes and tweaks until I am satisfied with the results.”

R.A. McGee

“David is incredibly easy to work with. He’s also an author, so he just ‘gets it.’

If you want a low-stress experience, get your cover here.”

Jim Heskett

Dave’s cover design skills, along with his deep understanding of brand consistency, gave my book series the facelift it desperately needed.

He is now my go-to cover guy, and I recommend him 100%!”

Craig A. Hart

“David’s covers are professional, eye-catching, and unique. As a writer himself, he understands the publishing process and has the uncanny ability to understand and deliver exactly what you’re looking for. I love the work he’s done for me so far and can’t wait to see what he’ll produce for my next book.”

Luke Richardson