As you may know, I write two very different types of books. I write the Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller series (a coastal crime thriller series) as David F. Berens and The Dragon War series (an epic fantasy series) as D.F. Berens. For your troubles, I’ll send you some free books.

Choose which ones you’d like to receive below. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Tropical Thrillers

“Troy is the action hero we don’t deserve, but the one we’ve always wanted: he’s capable, experienced, and trained, and brash in the best of ways.

The series feels like a television series that mashes together James Bond with a rusted pickup truck, or Jack Reacher with a margarita.”

– Nick Thacker

Epic Fantasy

The Dragon War is Coming. How will an army of Elven, Dwarven and Human warriors survive against the might of the Wizard Reign and his growing dragon horde? The young red dragon saved by a humble cleric may hold the answer.

The fate of all may rest on whether or not she sides with the forces of good… or those of evil. The Dragon War is Coming…

Choose Your Side.

David Berens has traveled up and down the East Coast and has been a tourist at every beach from Key West to Pawleys Island.

Today he calls Knoxville, Tennessee home, but constantly dreams of sun and sand and ocean breezes. He has a beautiful wife, a whip-smart little girl and a rambunctious little boy who remind him daily of why he is alive.

A constant reader of Florida Fiction, Dave has enjoyed the likes of Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey, Randy Wayne White, Laurence Shames, and Leonard Elmore just to name of few. So, when he decided to create a series of Island Thrillers, he did his best to capture that zany quality so many of these amazing writers use in their work.

Someday, he hopes he'll be able to enjoy writing his books with a view of the ocean...

David Berens