Welcome to my home on the web. It has gone through a great many changes recently, but I feel as if though I’m finally getting the hang of this. I’ve streamlined all of my content to run through this one page under the umbrella of Berensbooks.com.

Many of you might be coming here to find my Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller series. It’s a snarky, fun, beach-themed crime thriller series guaranteed to have you laughing with and cheering for Troy to succeed by the end of the book. If you don’t like Florida-style fiction (zany, crazy characters just barely bizarre enough to exist) then you probably won’t like these books. If you’re looking for Mr. Serious like Jack Reacher or James Bond, you won’t find it here.

And some of you might have found your way here looking for my Dragon War Epic Fantasy Saga. I started that series WAYYYY back in 1992. Since then, I have learned a great deal about writing and I hope my storytelling has improved by leaps and bounds. The first book is a passion project that has grown over the years to become a truly epic tale of dwarves, elves, humans, and dragons. If you love a good Lord of the Rings or Dragonlance book, you will enjoy these.

Anyway, back to who I am. I’m just over a half a century old. I have a beautiful family (a lovely wife, a beautiful daughter, and a carbon-copy-of-dad son.) We live in Knoxville in one of the best places to live in America (look it up.) During the day, I teach tennis and in my spare time (late at night after the kiddos are in bed,) I write and design book covers. You can check out that endeavor over at www.Cover2Books.com.

I play a little golf, a little pickleball, a lot of tennis, and naturally, I love reading (mostly audiobooks these days.) My current read is The Spine of the Dragon by Kevin J. Anderson. I just finished Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson and I’m kind of comparing the two series to see which one I really want to get involved in.

Well, I think that’s about it for today. Let me go get some words on the page and I hope to see you soon!