David Berens is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the highly-read Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller series, the action-packed, Ryan Bodean Action-Adventure series, and the international espionage Chris Collins CIA Thrillers.

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A mobster-chomping gator. A drifter on a rampage. One or both are coming for TroyBodean!
Troy hopes that the picturesque Islamorada gives him the rest he desperately seeks.

But there’s a surly mama gator terrorizing the quirky island town. She’s killed a mafia boss’s son, a cross-dressing dancer from Key West, and a Fantasy Fest tourist all in one week. The feds and a nosy, local journalist think it’s the work of the infamous Cowboy Killer—wanted for a murderous rampage up and down the coast.

Leave it to Troy Bodean to get tangled up in this mangrove of a mess and become the scapegoat for all the dead bodies piling up. Yup, you guessed, it, everyone thinks he’s the notorious killer in the hat.



Chris Collins is a smart man, but he made one big mistake. He thought getting into the private security game after retiring from the CIA would move him a step away from danger. He was wrong.

When his work takes him into a world run by a vicious warlord who lives to inflict pain and misery, the rules of engagement do not exist. No act is too cruel, and nothing is off-limits.

Worse still, Collins is not the only target. Other ex-military personnel and their families are in the firing line, and time to save them is running out.

This is a page-turner thriller packed with non-stop action across exotic locations.



Troy Bodean has made his way back to the quirky land of the Conch Republic, also known as Key West, also known as Cayo Hueso.

He’s just gotten settled into a new life aboard his new sailboat, Serenity when things take an interesting turn.

A pilfered bar of gold has made its way into the hands of the man wearing the cowboy hat. Just when he thought things were calming down, the bad guys are on his trail again for a treasure he didn’t steal.

Will he live to tell the tale? Will the bar of gold be returned to its not-so-reputable owners? Will Troy finally get to settle down and stop his rambling? Find out in Cayo Hueso.


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David Berens has traveled up and down the East Coast and has been a tourist at every beach from Key West to Pawleys Island.

Today he calls Knoxville, Tennessee home, but constantly dreams of sun and sand and ocean breezes. He has a beautiful wife, a whip-smart little girl and a rambunctious little boy who remind him daily of why he is alive.

A constant reader of Florida Fiction, Dave has enjoyed the likes of Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey, Randy Wayne White, Laurence Shames, and Leonard Elmore just to name of few. So, when he decided to create a series of Island Thrillers, he did his best to capture that zany quality so many of these amazing writers use in their work.

Someday, he hopes he'll be able to enjoy writing his books with a view of the ocean...

David Berens


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