David Berens is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the highly-read Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller series, the action-packed, Ryan Bodean Action-Adventure series, and the international espionage Chris Collins CIA Thrillers.


"Troy is the action hero we don't deserve, but the one we've always wanted: he's capable, experienced, and trained, and brash in the best of ways.

The series feels like a television series that mashes together James Bond with a rusted pickup truck, or Jack Reacher with a margarita."

Nick Thacker

USA Today Bestselling Author

"Hat Check thrills right from the start to its resounding finish.

If you can't enjoy this book, you'll need to consult a physician about getting that stick removed."

Andrew Allan

Bestselling Author of the Walt Asher Florida Thrillers

"I nearly wet my pants from laughing! Never did I expect to laugh so much from reading a "thriller". Author David F. Berens skillfully wedded a who done it with comedy!! The character sketches were rich and memorable: the blond twins, one eyed Willie, Darren, and Bigguns ...so much fun reading this book.

Amazon Reviewer

"What a read! The perfect book to take with you on vacation, but even better when reading it on the beach! You just seem to feel what's happening in the story.

It encompasses every theme you might want, some mystery, murder, humor, and just enough anticipation of a love affair! I'm anxiously awaiting the next one!"

Amazon Reviewer